Avondale brewing company is obviously passionate about brewing, but we’re also passionate about making a difference in our community. It all started about 10 years ago, when the Lake’s moved to Birmingham and started home brewing with friends and remodeling Birmingham homes. In 2007, we moved all of our attention to craft beer and Avondale. The brewery building had been vacant for over 30 years and was on the verge of falling down. Not to mention the rest of the commercial district was virtually a no man’s land. We teamed up with Architect Scott Phillips to design the first brewery in Alabama to also house a tap room. It took just over two years to get the building repaired and obtain a CO from the City Of Birmingham. We finally got the doors open on Nov 4th 2011 and the support from the community was overwhelming. So thanks to all of our fans and supporters, because without you none of this would be possible.

Since we’ve opened, the city of Birmingham spent 3 million dollars to renovate Avondale Park, new businesses have been opening up and the area is undergoing an amazing revitalization effort. Vacant houses and vacant commercial buildings are filling up. Saw’s BBQ, Incubate Art Gallary, Freshfully, 41st St Pub and Aircraft Sales, Brown & Green, Standard Creative and many other business have opened, which are all within a block of the brewery. There is more to come!


We have been meeting with other business owners, leaders with the city and other property owners to make sure every vacant building is occupied with thriving businesses. Our community has done so much in the last year. Just give it another year or two and Avondale’s old world charm will be much like it was back in late 1800’s. You have our promise that we will not rest until our little Avondale community is back where it belongs.


We’ve also been teaming up to raise money for with local charities that have worked so hard to combat important community and national issues. Issues such as keeping Birmingham water supply clean to feeding the homeless to trying to find cures to horrible diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis. We will continue to work with local charities and hopefully make a difference to better our community.

Without your support of Avondale Brewing company we wouldn’t be able to demonstrate our love of beer and our passion to encourage community. If you’ll keep up the support, we’ll keep the beer brewing and press on with our community efforts.